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If maximizing lot yield or building density drives your bottom line, you are in the right place. Convergent Water Technologies and its VAR network can maximizing a property’s most valuable asset, real estate and lower your liability when it comes to on-going compliance and long-term maintenance and operation. Through the use of creative and cutting edge technology along with knowledge of stormwater management strategies like low impact development and green infrastructure, we want to help you reduce stormwater risks and liabilities. Contact us for a no cost review of your development project or the risks and liabilities with your existing or proposed stormwater project.

What happens when an innovator at a school/garage/think tank comes up with an innovative idea for stormwater management, but they have no idea how to bring it to market. They contact Convergent, because we can…

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The Energy-Passive Groundwater Recharge Product (EGRP®) accelerates infiltration into and through poor soil conditions and poor soil types. The result? Instead of water pooling or excess stormwater runoff, those same soils can now infiltrate water 5-10x faster than before. The passive design of the EGRP® is unique in that it increases the infiltration rate in a low-impact, eco-friendly manner requiring no energy and no maintenance. The EGRP® provides a long-term solution that improves over time.

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