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Stormwater Experts Delivering Next Generation Solutions Through a National Network of Stormwater Partners.

We do that by breaking through the obstacles to innovation inherent in this industry by providing innovators with a regionally focused, national network of Value-Added Resellers. Introducing new ideas and new technologies into a market requires deeply rooted local relationships and a highly collaborative, solution-focused sales approach which is generally missing in the stormwater industry.


With an industry hindered by numerous geographic, regulatory, distribution and cultural obstacles to stormwater innovation, Convergent was created specifically to change that dynamic. Convergent believes that adopting new ideas quickly, and integrating the process of innovation into our stormwater regulation, product development and distribution channels is the only answer to our looming water crisis. The time for accepting the status quo, encouraging regulatory over-prescription, operating on the basis of minimum requirements and stifling innovation is past.

Convergent’s principals have decades of experience in developing and delivering problem solving technologies. Drawing on years of experience and a diversity of partnerships, Convergent delivers best-in-class systems and services for stormwater management that exceed expectations and recognize that cost-effectiveness is a powerful catalyst for change.

Creating the Environment To Successfully Bring Next Generation Stormwater Technology To Market.

The reality of the marketplace is that new solutions, if we want them to be drivers of change, must not only be better than familiar, outmoded solutions but also be more cost effective. Convergent Water Technologies is committed to an innovation-based approach to managing stormwater quality and stormwater quantity.

Convergent is enabling the brightest minds in our universities, engineering firms and elsewhere; together we will give rise to new answers to some of our most critical water-related problems. Basic research dollars and grants are shrinking just when we need answers most, but new revenue streams from products and solutions can reverse the funding drain and provide a platform for expanding research and development by innovators whose new ideas can be incorporated into products and solutions.

Delivering High Performance Best Management Practices Requires Solutions-Oriented Distribution

New ideas, products and solutions are critical, but moving them successfully into the marketplace is equally important. Solving problems, on the ground and across the country, Convergent’s national network of uniquely qualified resellers understand how to market solutions; as Convergent VARs (value-Added Resellers), a term borrowed from the earliest days of the Personal Computer revolution, they take a solutions-oriented, systems approach to solving stormwater problems.

This Convergent VAR Network gives stormwater innovators and manufactures a new distribution channel made up of deeply experienced stormwater focused resellers. They not only understand the process, but they have the experience and the diverse partnerships required to carry it out.

What happens when an innovator at a school/garage/think tank comes up with an innovative idea for stormwater management,
but they have no idea how to bring it to market. Convergent can step in and help throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Featured Innovation

Stormwater Detention

While automation is not new, stormwater automation is only in its infancy. It’s no wonder Construction EcoServices, a leader in Stormwater Innovation has been involved in many of the first stormwater automation projects. From managing subsurface underground detention / rainwater harvesting systems through weather predictive technology to creating automated settling ponds for stormwater quality, Construction EcoServices is once again on the bleeding edge of stormwater management. The future of stormwater is automated, through controls, sensors and telemetry, we will soon change the way stormwater is managed. A move from passive control to active control is on the horizon.

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