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Convergent Water Technologies’ VAR Network has been partnering with civil engineering, architectural and land development companies either directly or in collaboration with our value added reseller network since 2002.   We are at the forefront of stormwater innovation and bring regulatory expertise, product knowledge and system solutions to anyone looking for help.   Today, we partner with civil engineering and architectural firms in selecting and applying innovative technology and solutions as it relates to stormwater quality and quantity, green infrastructure, climate resiliency, low impact development, and stormwater automation.   Contact us for a no cost review of your project.

What happens when an innovator at a school/garage/think tank comes up with an innovative idea for stormwater management, but they have no idea how to bring it to market. They contact Convergent, because we can…

Featured Innovation

The FocalPointEMR system is made of seven main components, working in succession to filter out TSS, fine particles, nutrients, oil, grease and metals. Runoff initially filters through a Gabion Barrier which prevents larger trash and debris from entering the system. Runoff then enters the Biofiltration System, where the stormwater percolates down through a mulch layer, engineered media and bridging stone before it enters the modular box underdrain. Once the modular box underdrain is full, runoff flows into the secondary treatment system. Here it percolates down through activated carbon char, which absorbs heavy metals, fluorides, iron and organic molecules. Then, through FS-50, an iron enhanced activated alumina on top of the underdrain that reduces dissolved contaminants.

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