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Applying innovation to stormwater solutions cost effectively is a core value for Convergent Water Technologies product development. With sustainable site design and low impact development practices as guiding principles, our high performance technologies create products and systems that mimic and protect the natural environment, while driving down the cost of meeting ever increasing environmental regulations.

Not content with the old model, we create sustainable stormwater solutions to effectively manage stormwater runoff and improve stormwater quality. At the same time, Convergent Water Technologies brings:

  • Quality Assurance,
  • Consistency and
  • Quality Control,
  • Performance Verification and
  • Measurable Results

In order to bring our solutions to the National marketplace, Convergent Water Technologies has established a nation-wide, value-added resellers (VARs) network of stormwater solutions partners. Each company operates separately in its own market, but shares a centralized knowledgebase, as well as distribution rights to exclusive and innovative stormwater products and technologies. The Convergent VAR Network is comprised of forward-thinking, advanced stormwater companies in their respective territories. Together, we give our clients best-in-class solutions to pressing needs in stormwater quality/management.

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In keeping with our history of seeking out innovative solutions to common stormwater problems that exceed regulatory requirements and lower total cost of compliance, we’ve identified and introduced to Texas a number of BMPs that can assist engineers in solving their project’s stormwater quality and stormwater quantity problems and drive down costs. Virtually all new projects, and most redevelopments, constructed today must account for the quantity and quality of the water leaving the site once construction is complete, and forever after. Compliance with these regulations is often confusing and it’s difficult to identify ideal Best Management Practices (BMPs) that will meet site constraints as well as budgetary goals.

The term value engineering often means you found a cheaper option, which many times equates to an inferior solution from the original engineered design. This is often a risky proposition as the contractor is looking to save or make money on a contract already rewarded and the designer is concerned with who assumes liability. At Construction EcoServices, we simply see this as cost cutting, because there is no true value in this transaction.

Our philosophy at Convergent has always been to lower total cost while raising overall compliance.

While we do have options in our repertoire that can cut costs, swapping one similar product for another is not what drives our business. Our mission is to be able to truly add value to the project through innovative water management strategies that do so in the form of decreasing stormwater volume necessary, improving water quality leaving the site, enhancing the aesthetics value of the site and doing so with the projects budget in mind.

Convergent brings value to value engineering.

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Featured Innovation

Stormwater Detention

While automation is not new, stormwater automation is only in its infancy. It’s no wonder Construction EcoServices, a leader in Stormwater Innovation has been involved in many of the first stormwater automation projects. From managing subsurface underground detention / rainwater harvesting systems through weather predictive technology to creating automated settling ponds for stormwater quality, Construction EcoServices is once again on the bleeding edge of stormwater management. The future of stormwater is automated, through controls, sensors and telemetry, we will soon change the way stormwater is managed. A move from passive control to active control is on the horizon.

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Assisting Civil Engineers

Civil Engineering is the second oldest engineering discipline, and with that history comes extensive knowledge that must be had on various different topics. From designing around and with natural systems to considering project safety to managing clients budgets, civil engineers are a jack of all trades. Because of this, having partners you can rely on that specialize in various aspects of what you do are important to helping manage your risks.

Construction EcoServices has been partnering with Civil Engineering companies since 2002 when we first began producing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans under Master Subcontract Agreements for Civil Engineering firms. As we grew, so did our expertise, products and services offering. While our company changed, our philosophy of providing “a higher level of compliance at a lower cost” never did. Today, we partner with civil engineering firms on projects where our scope covers consulting work, documentation preparation (SWPPP & SWQMP), and materials and methods selection that covers stormwater pollution prevention, stormwater quality features, low impact development, underground detention and stormwater automation.