Case Studies


Bagby Street

Landscaped planter boxes, paver sidewalks, and hardwood seating areas along the route are just a few of the additions that add to the pedestrian experience. Bagby is aesthetically appealing and is one of Texas’ first certified Greenroads.

Birnamwood Drive

The first roadway project in the Houston area to implement Low Impact Development (LID) techniques and is viewed by Harris County as a stepping stone to implementing

Queenston Manor Apartments

Faced with the harsh reality that this project might no longer be viable due to the amount of area that would be lost to a detention pond, the engineering firm of Edminster, Hinshaw, Russ and Associates asked Academy Development if they would be open to a Low Impact Development-based design.

Aguirre & Fields

Aguirre & Fields specializes in infrastructure planning and engineering across the state of Texas designing projects with Low Impact Development in mind and now also uses their own facility as living laboratory. They now have one of the first LID based sites in Fort Bend County.

Kendall Library

An engineered soil matrix was placed on the entire surface area of each swale to filter hydrocarbons and TSS found in storm water runoff prior to being stored in a 30,000 gallon rainwater harvesting system which are directly infiltrated without the need for inlets, and located beneath the swales where the stored water awaits reuse for landscape irrigation.

Kolbe Farms

A decrease in peak runoff allows for up to a 40% decrease in detention volume. If you couple that with integrated drainage into your landscaping, developers begin to pick up real estate once lost to detention ponds.